MP3: “The Shepherd’s Wife” By Molly Bauckham

Molly Bauckham

Molly Bauckham has been playing the harp since 1998, and has been singing for most of her life. Visitors to her YouTube channel have called her voice “beautiful and haunting” and her harp playing “very delicate, gentle, and warm”. She plays with a deft, dynamic touch and sings in a clear soprano voice infused with emotional honesty and sensitivity.

“Molly's got a lovely, light touch on the harp and her voice rides a great line between classically trained and folk-informed.” –Devon Leger, Hearth Music

The Shepherd's Wife is a traditional Irish waltz. The song describes the shepherd wife beckoning in her husband and her husband wanting to know what is in it for him

Artist: Molly Bauckham
Buy CD: Maid on the Shore

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Hometown: Seattle, WA, USA
Similiar: Niamh Parsons, Kate Rusby, Cathie Ryan, Loreena McKennitt, Kim Robertson, Celtic Folk, English Folk, American Folk

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