“On The Move” by Colin Farrell


This Contemporary Folk CD has certainly been blessed by the Muses.  Colin has managed to instrumentally create such a weave of traditional  music with enough modern flair to bring about an unexpected sense of  spiritual happiness.  Examples would be, “Garageband Reels, Joe's House & The Old Rogue”.

Sheelin Side”  a warm composition , even with horns, starts the tour of delight to the ears.

Soho South”  is  a 21st century “Feelin Groovy” sort of song, an Irish  tropical island blend one might say.
“Bridge Street”  is beautiful in composition,  allowing the listener to float away in bliss.
“Table Jigs” as the title states, will have you dancing.  This is a more traditional style composition with a lot of charm.

This CD is warm and vibrant, with a very mellow flow that lets the listener know  there is light out there.< Colin comes from an award winning musical family, and learned his skills at a young age, under the tutelage of Paddy McMahon (fiddle), Angela Durkin, and Michael McGodrick (tin whistle). On the Move  has been voted in the top 10 Irish traditional albums of 2010.  This CD  is recommended for any teacher's or musician's  library

Colin is now living in Orlando, Florida, playing with  Creel”  at the Raglan Road Irish Pub.

Artist: Colin Farrell
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Hometown:  Manchester England
Similar Artists:  The Chieftains, Gaelic Storm, Grada

Mattie Dalton is a musician of clarsach and guitar, dancing through the healing arts of medicine through music.  “Music lights up every area of our brain and thus, through music, we become enlightened”. She also writes for the Celtic Music Magazine at www.celticmp3s.com, the Voice of indie Celtic Music online.

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