Review: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – “Irish Goodbye”

When this album and band came up, I had to check it out – and not just because they’re from Austin, TX. A band called Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead describing themselves as: Irish Punk Rock with bagpipes and balls? I have to know what this is, so I jumped on it.
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead is a five piece whirlwind of Celtic Music. They’re about to release their debut album, Irish Goodbye, in September. They sent me some pre-release tracks to listen to – to get a feel for what this band is all about.
They’re loud. They’re fast. And they’re tight. This is NOT your traditional Irish music. This is raucous, irreverent and exhausting (in a good way). This is high energy, fast paced, well-played music that will get you moving. The vocals are raw and primal but skilled and talented.
In the true tradition of Punk Rock, these songs are aggressive and rebellious with titles like “Bad Decision”, and” Rebel Songs” – it’s a clue we’re heading off the “traditional” Celtic music tracks. There are overtones of other styles, as well. “Kind of Wake” has a SKA feel (without the brass section) to me which I like. But they’re not just loud, tight, and raucous. Their song, “Samhain” is a haunting ballad with dark overtones. “Rebel Songs” is the other ballad-esque track with haunting lyrics. They also like to lure you in with a hint of tradition before taking off on a wild romp – like with “Russian Roulette” which starts out with classic bagpipes then kicks it up to eleven.

I can’t wait to hear the full album when they have it done.

Artist: On Facebook and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

Buy Album: Release Date is scheduled for Mid-September, 2014.

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MP3: “Tis Believed That This Harp” by Seraphina


Seraphina is a vibrant new Canadian ensemble made up of Susan Toman (celtic harp & harpsichord) and Dawn Bailey (soprano). They specialize in Celtic and Baroque repertoire, and enjoy fusing the two genres wherever possible. They’ve been praised for an engaging manner of musical storytelling, appropriate for all ages.

Band: Seraphina

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Hometown: Montreal, Canada

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CD Review: Katie’s Randy Cat

Katie's Randy CatThe Self-Titled CD from Katie’s Randy Cat out of Toledo, OH is a short (Only 4 tracks) but jammed packed album that fans of groups like Dropkick Murphys, The Young Dubliners and Flogging Molly will enjoy

The album kicks off with a kicked up version of “The Irish Rover” filled with lots of accordion, drums, guitars and just general fun mayhem.

It then kicks into an equally kicked up version of “A Nation Once Again.” This is my favorite Irish Rebel song, and I always find it unique to see how many different ways this song is redone.

Probably my favorite track out of all four is actually the one that is the LEAST like the others. KRC’s version of “Foggy Dew” is a very slow and mellow but brought in a very strong and soulful way. I’d love to see these guys perform other Irish ballads in this way.

The album ends with what is pretty much a jam session which turns into “Drunken Sailor” Very fun to listen to….

Overall, a solid album that is worth a listen to. Should be fun to see what these guys come up with in the future!!


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Two Men On a Boat
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Men of Worth 1997-1999
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Traditional Irish music with some tin whistles, fiddles, flutes, concertinas and some Irish drinking songs.


Kieran O'Hare & John Skelton - Two Tone

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