Reveiw: “Ne’er Duwels” by The Ne’er Duwels

The Ne’er Duwels, based in Southern California, have their first album entitled, “Ne’er Duwels.” The album is a polished and professional outing. Which is hardly surprising considering the band includes Ken O’Malley of The Twilight Lords, experienced studio and touring musician Patrick D'Arcy and grammy winning percussionist Forrest Robinson.

One of my favorite tracks is The Boys of Barr na Sráide, which features world rhythms and a fine performance by the fourth member of the band, Bryan Dobbs on guitar. There is also a fantastic rock-inspired version of She Moved Through the Fair” (featuring Brett Anderson of the Donnas), and a gorgeous original song Ceol Míol Mór (Music of The Whales) that highlights D’Arcy’s uilleann. Other highlights include Crossing the Atlantic featuring Kevin McKidd, best known for starring in Grey’s Anatomy) and their version of Caledonia (featuring Hale May) is both gentle and lively.

There’s much more than I have mentioned, and all the tracks feature the skillful blending of modern and classic styles. It’s a fantastic work and worth listening to on repeat.

Artist: The Ne’er Duwels

Album: The Ne'er Duwels

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