Review: “Building Canoes” by The Dunham Band


Building Canoes cover art

The Dunham Band is unique in that it is a family band.   Benjamin and Candyce Dunham with their children, who are trained musicians, play the harp.   Benjamin has spent over 15 years in building lever harps, and also plays the Bodhran.  Candyce, who is a master harpist, teaches music and harp.  Candyce has studied Classical, Irish and Scottish harp for a life time.  As the Band travel to medieval faires and Celtic festivals across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, they exemplify their incredible talents with harp lessons, harp workshops, harp ensembles, harp designs, and harp performances.  This is what the Dunham Band is all about.

Building Canoeswas recorded live, which is challenging, yet this very professional quality recording allows the beauty of the music to shine through.  The contents feature traditional Irish and Scottish songs arranged by Candyce, who guides us gracefully thru a diversity of genres.

The music is very much alive and fresh, as in the opening with “Lassie Set”.  My favorite is “Amazing Grace” with a contemporary flare to it.   Paddy's Green Shamrock  is in true medieval style.

 This family hails from Dublin,Ohio, home of one of the largest Irish Festivals in the country. Benjamin and Candyce Dunham have truly made an adventure out of doing what they do best and allowing us to enjoy each moment of it !

I thought I would throw in some Celtic languages for the word harp as the harp has been a mainstay in Celtic music and is aged beyond time..

Telenn = Breton
Clairseach = Irish
Clarsach = Scottish
Telyn  = Welsh
You can purchase the CD at Dunham Band


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