Review: Flashpoint “A Timely Misadventure”

Flashpoint intrigued me when I saw their EP, “A Timely Misadventure,” come up on the list for review. Not just because they're local to me, and I do like giving local talent a shot, but because I’m addicted to television and I liked the show by the same name. But that's neither here nor there, this is all about the music.
Flashpoint is a Dallas/Fort Worth based, three-piece band consisting of Joseph Carmichael, David Mehalko, and Daniel Mehalko. These three young men play a wide variety of instruments in a predominantly instrument collection of songs on this new EP, “A Timely Misadventure.” This five-track project has one song with vocals, the other four are all instrumental with some interesting twists. All three members play multiple instruments – from whistles to accordions, fiddles to mandolin and banjo. Being young, they blend a variety of styles in to traditional folk and celtic music for a fresh fusion of sound.
I liken this project to a soundtrack album. It's inspiring and entertaining, but it also doesn’t distract from whatever you might be doing. That's not to say it's boring, because it's not…not at all. But for people who like either instrumental music or can't focus on tasks with vocals, this is good stuff. I found myself typing faster – or more accurately – to the beat of the track playing at the time, and that's always a good sign. So is the fact I find myself “chair dancing” to the melodies. I'm not sure which one of the three does the vocals on the third track, but he has a lovely voice.

This isn’t “rock and roll” celtic music. It's traditional and mostly acoustic. My first foray into Celtic music was the Barra MacNeils in the 1990s. And though Flashpoint isn't quite as complex – they're half the size – but it reminds of them, and I've loved that album for a very long time. But it's that a good thing, at least to me. The tracks are mostly two-song melodies woven together with skill and harmony. If I have to pick a favorite, it would be… difficult because I tend to let it flow like a soundtrack and find myself disappointed when it's over.

These three men are highly skilled and really talented – and they're just getting started. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future, because as good as this EP is, I think their best is ahead of them as they learn and gain life experience.

Artist: Flashpoint
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