Review: “Heartwood” by Sora

Artist: Sora
Album: Heartwood

Sora refers to herself as both neoclassical and Contemporary Celtic, but neither of these quite capture the depth of her music. Some may even put her in the “new age” category. A mezzo-soprano, this woman's vocals are pretty, pretty, pretty, and they capture a lot of emotion. This CD is filled with original songs, and you can tell that the Canadian artist has put thought and feeling into every moment here. It shows.

The singer also took some time to decide on the name she chose for herself as a performer. “Sora” was selected as she noticed that it had references to birds. Symbolism is something that this artist seems to take very seriously, and it is reflected in the words to her songs as well as her choice of name.

This album is worth listening to for the vocals alone. It is rare to hear a voice that just defines beauty. That said, the arrangement of the music provides the perfect foil and it all works together very smoothly. If you want to find a CD that will soothe you when things are tough, this may well be the perfect selection.

Some musicians are performers and some are true artists. It seems clear from every detail of “Heartwood” that Sora belongs in the latter category. Take a listen and you will be restored.

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