Review: “Here This is Home” by Colleen Raney

Here This is Home

Colleen Raney is a Celtic Singer-Songwriter who hails from Portland, Oregon. ‘Here This is Home' is her fourth full length album.

What stood out to me most is the fantastic arrangements on the album. They fill out the sound and support Colleen's rich voice without making the songs sound muddled. As one of those who believes that pre-Elecric Dylan was the best, I much appreciate the stripped back arrangements which let let Colleen's voice shine.

Another thing I really liked was the percussion on the album. The jazzy brush drums on ‘Craigie Hill,' and on ‘Stand Up for Love' fit in well with the mix. It's nice to see non ‘traditional' drumming used in a way that isn't a full on drum kit assault.

The audio production on ‘Here This is Home' is great too. It's clean without being over-polished, a balance that is hard to achieve. Colleen's voice and the instruments are given room to breathe without being over-compressed and flattened. The album as a whole has a feel reminiscent of Indie acts such as The Decemberists and Fleet Foxes. Given that she is from Portland, Oregon this doesn't come as a big surprise.

Standouts tracks:

‘Candadee-I-O' – The melody reminds me a lot of Van Morrison's ‘Brown Eyed Girl.'

‘Craigie Hill' – Love the brush drumming this track, and instrumental ending with the fiddle and accordion.

‘The Nightingale' – Beautiful guitar on this track.

‘Stand up for Love' – The catchy ‘radio Single' of the album.

Artist: Colleen Raney

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  1. I love Colleen Raney’s music. I discovered her here through the podcast. Completely agree with this review. It’s a timeless album.