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Sweet is Tattie Jam! !

This duo located in Glascgow,Scotland, has a blend of natural, traditional and  hidden tastes that tantilize the musical appetite. I was starving for something and someone new to take away the winter blahs that I believe we all have suffered from.  I found this amazing sound coming from two people whom I pursued to find out more about them.  It became a short mini interview of sorts and I am going to share what I learned.

First of all, the name sparked the inquisitive cell in my brain, ( it was not frozen after all).  “Tattie Jam” what sort of name is this?   

Tattie Jam is compromised of Ruaridh Pringle and  Seylan Baxter, ( who did give me the answers to my inquiries).

Mattie:   How did you come up with the name “Tattie Jam”?

Seylan Baxter: – Baxters are a well known Scottish company who make jam.

Ruaridh Pringle – Pringles are crisps and so made of potato (tattie is Scots for potato)

Mattie:  “I should like for you to tell me a little about your group.  How did you came together”.  

Seylan:  “We met through mutual friends and the session scene. I needed an accompanist for a concert in Edinburgh and asked Ruaridh to help. It worked so well that we decided to keep it going”.

Mattie:  “What is your favorite song that you do and if applicable why?”

Seylan: “It's difficult to pick a favourite song as there's quite a lot of variety in the way we arrange different material but if pressed we'd say “Docter's Dochter.” It was written by Ruaridh in traditional ballad style and it has all the ingredients of a good story, violence, revenge, an unfortunate accident, suicide, etc (!) but it's got a good fat groove and we like the arrangement a lot”.

Mattie:  “What is it that you would like your fans to know about you or your music, what is most important to you?”

Seylan:  It's very important to us that we're true to qualities of the song, particularly rhythmically. We treat each song or tune individually and try to emphasis the qualities it has rather than overlaying it with a groove  or harmonisation in a superficial way. So we end out with elements of funk and jazz etc but only when we find them within the tune. The words of a song are also very important for us – they always come first and we try to give more meaning to the words through the instrumental arrangements”.

Mattie:   “Who is your favorite band, group or persons you admire and why?”

Seylan:  “Cello-wise I really admire Natalie Haas, and am lucky enough to teach alongside her every year at the Alasdair Fraser Fiddle Camp on the Island of Skye. Also Rushad Eggleston – he's a cello fiend! We both enjoy listening to lots of different kinds of music. Some of the people Ruaridh really likes as musicians are Simon Thoumire, Paul Anderson, Julie Fowlis, early Jethro Tull, and Gordon Duncan.”

Mattie:  When will your next CD be released.    

Seylan:  We've got plenty of material for the next album but we've not recorded it yet.

Mattie:  How can we purchase your music?

Seylan:  The best way to buy the album is direct through our website but it can also be purchased or downloaded through all the major online retailers such as Amazon and iTunes.


 Purchase the CD and enjoy Tattie Jam !

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