Review: Kid on the Mountain by Across the Pond

Across The Pond are a three piece Traditional Celtic music group from Oxford, PA. The album ‘Kid on the Mountain’ is their first release.  When so many up and coming groups in the Trad. scene are combining traditional Irish and Scottish music with Rock, Indie, Punk, and even Rap and Electronic music, it is nice to hear a group that sticks with a traditional acoustic setup and sound without feeling the need to be ‘edgy'. The album is also largely instrumental, which makes for a very enjoyable album to listen while reading or writing, or just relaxing. The album is available at live shows and will be available for purchase online in the upcoming months.

ARTIST: Across The Pond


Jack Baruzzini is a Web Developer and musician, and has a love of Celtic music both traditional and new. In addition to writing for Celtic Music Magazine He is also an aspiring Science Fiction author whose writings can be found at


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