Review: “Scythian Live Vol. 1” by Scythian

Artist: Scythian
Album: Scythian Live Vol. 1
Year: 2009

It’s St. Pat’s in “New York” direct to you from the soundstage.  As this album was recorded in 15 different cities, your hometown may very well be represented.   The audience participation vibe is so overpowering, you may find it next to impossible to remain sedentary while listening to anything Scythian (SITH-ee-yin), but that’s the point.  It is, at least, on this time-travelin' volume.   The guys have a throw-down, jump-up-and-wail vibe that comes through proud and clear and makes for a fun spin through key holidays.

Did I mention fun?  Next up is blue-collar-worker-on-the-roof  original “Cubicles and Tylenol” that’s a little bit Charlie Daniels, if he were performing with some tempt-the-Devil Celtic musicians from the back of a gypsy vardo.  Raucous!

You may even want to listen with a friend, as you and the recorded audience are encouraged to put your hands together and “use your neighbor” in the Irish jig-jam “Wisemaid Set”.  Then it’s a TRIP to New Orleans with “Hey Mama Ya”.  There is a nice lag to the beat that’s perfect for getting your swing-head sway on.

Celts, gypsies, and…pirates?!  Oh, Scy!  (SITH-ee-yin, that is.)  “My Son John” is the stuff of knee-boot shenanigans on the gangplank.    The self explanatory “Gypsy Fiddle” jams right into “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, and eventually back to St. Paddy’s and the rip-roaring “Kesh Jigs” – remember the dance/spin scene from Cameron’s Titanic?  You might not know the steps, but through the power of Scyth-gestion, your feet will make you dance.

Worn out yet?  Alexander, Josef, Danylo and Mike aren't!  “Hava Nagila” is a Greek kegger throwdown that doesn’t quit and stays with you like good baklava.  If you are hosting a multicultural green beer bash and want just the right AmeriCeltic Psychobilly tunes to get everybody moving all the way through the 4th of July, this long-running CD is sure to please!

Dionne Charlet is a freelance writer based in Greater New Orleans. She is a contributing writer for Where Y’at Magazine and reviews music for Marc Gunn’s Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Dionne runs the Cast Aways Open Theatre Troupe and performs with her fellow Cast Aways volunteers at Ren faires, sci-fi cons, charity venues and festivals throughout the Gulf Coast and beyond. Mrs. Charlet also works as an Outreach Coordinator for the Humane Society of Louisiana. You can contact Dionne at

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