Review: “The Angel’s Share” by Atlantic Wave

Artist: Atlantic Wave
Album: The Angel's Share

A great mixture of Irish, Scottish and Cape Breton music, “The Angel's Share” is a super listen. There are 15 tracks here that sparkle, and plenty of fiddle for those who just can't get enough of the instrument. The Wisconsin-based band released this, their second CD, in 2009. The four main players (Kaitlin Hahn, Barry Houlehen, John Karr and Ed Paloucek) have a nice, tight sound, and the fact that two of them are fiddle players really rounds out their music.

This CD has guests on it as well, which always adds a bit of a twist to the sound of an album. Keeps things fresh. You'll hear Troy MacGillivray on the piano and Priscilla Skrade on the accordion.

The songs here are varied, which also helps keep things interesting. Where some albums settle into a comfortable, predictable pattern, Atlantic Wave decides instead to stretch out a bit and explore some of the possibilities. I definitely wouldn't classify them as experimental, but they are not a boring bunch. Songs like “Math Exam” and “Black Eyed Gypsy” have a good energy to them, and the blend of styles works well also.

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