Review: “The Bare Cove Demos” by Jillie Mae Eddy


One of the most fascinating things about Celtic music is that it seems to filter easily down through other folk traditions such as bluegrass, sea shanties, or just general folk music. Jillie Mae Eddy has taken inspiration in the sounds of blues, jazz, bluegrass, New England folk music and sea shanties to tell the tale of The Girl From Bare Cove.

The core of the album is the story of a survivor of sexual abuse and the journey that she and her family go through. It's a universal story with a few fairytale twists here and there. For me, the true test of an album is if it can stand alone without context (though the site provides a detailed synopsis) and this one does. The lyrics are some of the cleverest and best written I have heard in a long time. I like Our American Family because of lyrics like, “Our Blood is as blue as the hues of our eyes.” The music is deeply interesting as well, as I've noted it takes from many different styles and changes with style to another. Not far apart from each other, there's the blues laden River and bluegrass A Christmas Hymn and both sound so unique. Her voice also has great range doing all the styles perfectly and hitting all the emotional notes just right, most notably in songs like, You Don't Know The Night, and Not In My Home. The album ends perfectly on a hopeful note with the lovely Go On.

It's a fine album and this is just a demo. It's just her, and her guitar in a blanket fort recording studio. For six dollars you get 24 tracks, so it's not a bad deal. While you are at it click over to her kickstarter. It’s for a concert production, and a full cast, studio recording of the album. Already it's more than halfway to it's goal. For 25 bucks you get the demo and the future recording so not bad.

(My advice is go for $150. She'll write and record song on the subject of your choosing. I don't know about you guys, but my cat is getting tired of me singing songs from The Muppet Movie to him. He judges me every time I break out into I’m Going To Go Back There Someday and a new lullaby would suit him just fine. Or you know, if I just stopped singing to him.)

Artist: Jillie Mae Eddy

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