Review: “The Big White Van” by Rathkeltair

Have you seen the Big White Van?

It possibly came your way, and it would have been housing Rathkeltair: Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Trevor Tanner, Bagpiper Neil Anderson, Drummer Nick Wilson, and Bassist Billy Thornton. And the album, Big White Van, is their journey in said van.  Originating out of Jacksonville Beach, FL, they haven’t spent much time there in recent years, having constantly been on tour.  The title track to the album, :Big White Van” is their poking fun at themselves for being on the road for so long.

With twelve tracks, each one is a different sort of delight, ranging from the cheeky tune “Pretty Too” to fantastic piping in “The Butler’s in the Pantry” to epic in “William Glenn”.  Standout songs include “King for a Day”, “Geese”, “The Butler’s in the Pantry”, and the autobiographical “Big White Van”.  The song writing is catchy and stays with you, I found myself listening again to songs such as “Mind How You Go” and the opening track “Foxhunters” (Wait, is that Norwegian Wood on the ‘pipes? Awesome!).

Of course, anyone with an ode to Peter O’Toole can’t do much wrong now can they? I think they just found themselves another fan.

Artist: Rathkeltair
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Romana Guillotte is a Film School Graduate and terribly average cellist that currently lives in Las Vegas, NV.  In addition to writing reviews for Marc Gunn’s Celtic MP3s Magazine, she moonlights as a barista when not volunteering at film festivals.  She self-published her first novel Lydia’s Family in 2006 and is working on her second.


Review: “The Big White Van” by Rathkeltair — 2 Comments

  1. Love the guys and Love to see the Big White Van….. pulling into my drive! Love the CD and Love Pretty Too (My Song) Just ask Trevor! Only complaint…. you listen to these fun fun songs and these songs get in your head… and then you hear them all night in your head… not much sleeping. Love the cheese steaks in Trenton, NJ. And Rathkeltair!

  2. Enjoy seeing Rathkeltair Live, but when that is not a possibility, I listen to Big White Van & their other CD’s. My favorite song off of Big White Van is William Glen, but the entire CD is full of great music!