Review: “The Bridge” by Marc Gunn

Artist: Marc Gunn
Album: The Bridge
Year produced: 2010

Mix American and Celtic, folk and blues, new and old–and you will have a peek inside Marc Gunn's latest effort, “The Bridge”. The CD starts off with the title track, and it is heartfelt. I loved it–you can just feel the passion coming through. Next is “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”, and it's such a departure from Gunn's typical fare that I was genuinely surprised!

This made me excited to see what else the album had in store, and I must say, it was a tour through many different influences. I thought of it as Gunn's musical history–even that of his current home. I enjoyed the fact that you could hear the impact of his move to New Orleans pop through here and there. It was fascinating to see the unveiling of what formed this artist, and although I am sure there are more ingredients than there was room for, it does give the listener plenty to think about in terms of Gunn's background.

An upbeat version of “Black Velvet Band” and a crisp rendition of my favorite, “Wild Mountain Thyme” are among the standout tracks here, but each and every one of them is crafted expertly. Simple acoustic accompaniment fills the tracks, but I have never heard the likes of how he plays on “Healy Pass”. It is tremendous. Gave me chills.

Gunn never does anything halfway, and this CD is no exception.

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Review: “The Bridge” by Marc Gunn — 2 Comments

  1. “The Bridge” is one of the 6 CD’s I just bought from CD Baby.
    That brings me up to date with my Marc Gunn CD collection.

    But, just one problem….. Marc’s the only artist I listen to these days and my music collection goes back 55 years.

    Thanks Marc!