“Six Yanks” by Barleyjuice

Known for their boisterous renditions of “All For Me Grog” and “Whiskey in the Jar,” Barleyjuice's third album (2006) comes out swinging and doesn't stop.

Sure, the first track “Misty Mornings Miss'd” is a bit of a warm-up–a kind of teasing mellow instrumental that says “Hey, we can do chill stuff too, lads,” right before reminding you where they came from with “Pretty Wild Bride” and “Modern Pirates.” And if you want an ear-opener that begs a second listen, try “Love With a Priest.”

The album goes on to show its proud Irish roots as well, riddled with songs about tartans, whiskey, Guinness, rum and the old homestead. “Six Yanks” is the kind of collection typical of the genre that reminds us why we all listen to it in the first place. If you've got a friend who's on the fence about getting into the modern Irish culture of music, get him primed with this CD. Kyf Brewer and the gang don't disappoint.

Artist: Barleyjuice
Album: Six Yanks

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Similar Artists: Ceann, Great Big Sea, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, Tom Waits, The Who, Rolling Stones, The Pogues, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles

Graham Bradley is a contributor to the Celtic Music Magazine at www.celticmp3s.com. He also writes and discusses fiction on his main blog, On A Grahampage

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