Spotlight on Celtic Christmas: The Gothard Sisters

gothard sisters christmas

The Gothard Sisters are a dynamic all-female Irish music and dance group from the Pacific Northwest, USA. The three girls perform and record new Celtic arrangements of well-known traditional tunes and popular songs, as well as their own original compositions from their 6 recorded studio albums. As champion Irish dancers who have competed overseas multiple times at the World Championships, they include the visual elements and the exciting rhythms of Irish step dancing into tightly choreographed, high-energy variety shows.

I love Christmas because…

There is such joy and magic in the air around Christmas time. I love the anticipation of preparing gifts for family and loved ones, holiday family traditions, and all the festivities and events that surround the season. It is a time full of thoughtfulness, happiness, love, and hope, and I think it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Favorite Christmas album is…

Mannheim Steamroller “Christmas in the Aire.” That is my ultimate favorite Christmas CD, but I would choose any of Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas music. They are the best.

Best Christmas vacation was…

At home! My favorite week of the year is the week after Christmas when my dad get's time off work and we all stay around the house watching movies, reading books, and eating good food. The hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations are over, and we simply enjoy some stress-free time with each other doing relaxing things.

For me, “Celtic Christmas” is…

Christmas time with the sound of jigs and reels and merriment filling the house. A Celtic Christmas would be one filled to the brim with music and joy, and the best Christmas songs arranged in a Celtic style.

My holiday charity is..

Donations to the Salvation Army would be our holiday charity.

Guilty pleasures…

Holiday sweets. Coffee cake, gingerbread, rum balls, Swedish spritz cookies, and chocolate of any kind! Our youngest sister, Solana, is a baker extraordinaire, and she keeps us well fed with delicious December treats.

Cats. Kilts. Science Fiction. Irish drinking songs. Nowhere else but from the bizarre imagination of Marc Gunn would those four elements be so riotously integrated. He is the Chief Editor of the Celtic Music Magazine and host of the award-winning Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and the Celtic Christmas Podcast.

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