“Light, A Venezuelan Christmas Vol. 2” by Gaelica

I’m all about fusing different music styles, some of my favorite musicians do this (my favorite is when classical and heavy metal mix), so this was an exciting Christmas listen. Due to fun things like Grad School and other holiday … Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: Support The Celtic Musicians and Crafters Edition

If you are anything like me at this time, your mantra is something like, “Sweet Baby Jesus, I still don’t have presents for everyone. Why do we have to celebrate your birthday every year?” You can switch out terminology for … Continue reading

Celtic Christmas Albums

Many radio stations have started playing non-stop Christmas music and it’s really annoying. They play the same songs over and over again, year after year. For that reason, once they start on Christmas music (or Holiday music as they call … Continue reading

“Christmas” by The Gothard Sisters

Need some holiday cheer? Love the Celtic vibe? Why not invest in a little “Christmas” music for yourself this year. Expand your collection of tunes… The Gothard Sisters are sure to please with this CD, which features traditional holiday favorites … Continue reading