Playlist: Post-St. Patrick’s Day Blues

St. Patrick’s Day is over and all the great music a Celtic culture has disappeared from it’s well-deserved visibility on the media.  It’s kinda sad, huh?  I want to help you through your post-St. Patrick’s Day blues by recommending a … Continue reading

MP3: “Dicey Riley” by Marc Gunn

Kilts.  Cats. Science Fiction. Irish drinking songs. Nowhere else but from the bizarre imagination of Marc Gunn would those four elements be so neatly integrated. Marc Gunn–”The Celtfather”–is an award-winning Celtic folk musician. Armed with an autoharp, he riotously combines … Continue reading

Who Are the Most-Accessible Celtic Musicians?

  One of the great things about indie Celtic music that no one really talks about is the approachability of the Celtic artists.  If you go to pop rock show, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever meet the lead … Continue reading