MP3: “Pilgrim” by PerKelt

  PerKelt is a Neo-Medievalist band that maps progressive Celtic styles onto Medieval and traditional songs and composes original material in a similar vein, performed on recorder, guitar, percussion, and vocals. The band was formed in the Czech Republic by … Continue reading

MP3: “Fizzbuzz” by Nua

NUA is an innovative new trad trio, bringing a fresh and unique sound to traditional music, creating their own distinctive flavor with both original and traditional compositions from Ireland and Scotland. Based in Toronto, Canada, NUA consists of three award-winning … Continue reading

MP3: “Huzzah!” by Jamie Smith’s MABON

Jamie Smith’s MABON are among the UK’s foremost and finest exponents of original, InterCeltic music.   Vocals, accordion, fiddle, bouzouki, bass and drums are subtly exploited by five dynamic, accomplished musicians, working traditional forms and styles anew in songs and melodies … Continue reading

MP3: “Boys from Boston” by The Willis Clan

The Willis Clan is a dynamic and innovative young family band from Nashville, TN.  The music is all original and yet has the feel of the traditional songs and tunes of Ireland.  The family has attracted the attention of major … Continue reading

The Ravishing Genius Indeed

Ages ago, a friend of mine handed me a Celtic music compilation CD, claiming that I should explore and expand my musical horizons. Not willing to mistakenly being perceived uncooperative but quite certain I won’t stray from my old “rockier” … Continue reading