What Is Celtic Rock?

There are many different types of music, and blending one with another often results in a sort of “hybrid” style that can be difficult to classify properly. To add to the confusion, within each sub-genre there is a whole range … Continue reading

MP3: “Devil’s in the Kitchen” by Prydein

Prydein just released their newest and best album.  This American bagpipe rock quartet shows off new interpretations of ancient and sacred Celtic tunes.  Their latest album, Heads Up, is “like taking a journey on Route 66 stopping in all of … Continue reading

Free Celtic Music! 17 Celtic Bands that You Need to Hear on March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day

Don’t you think it’s time to reach into the cabinet, pull out your Guinness pint glass, wash it off and fill it with a cold beer? That’s what tens of thousands of people are doing right now in preparation for … Continue reading