17 Free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick’s Day 2013

I play a lot of drinking songs, but I don’t spend a lot of time drinking. That’s because St. Patrick’s Day is not just about drinking. It’s about the music. Some of the best Celtic music explodes across the airwaves, … Continue reading

Playlist: Celtic Music for May

With the beauty of Spring in the air, I thought it was a good time to share some of my absolute favorite songs and tunes. This is just a SMALL sampling of some of my top-rated music in my iTunes … Continue reading

17 Free St. Patrick’s Day MP3s for 2012

I just downloaded a free app of Irish toasts from the Stout Pounders.  For some strange reason, I have the absolute worst memory when it comes to remembering toasts.  So I’m geeking out with this app. I can imagine it … Continue reading

5 Great Celtic CDs You Can Enjoy for St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is nearly here.  Every year, I compile two special episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.  I also offer a free CD of great indie Celtic music that you can download via the Celtic Music Magazine’s … Continue reading

Review: “The Bright Shining Clear” by The Rambling Sailors

Rambling Sailors is a folk duo who have a musical passion for the mariner life.  They have combined traditional Celtic songs of the sea and some new tunes that flow together so well it is difficult to discern which is which. Gregg & Susan Csikos have been very active … Continue reading