Spotlight on Aiden’s Clan, #CelticThursday, Talk Like A Pirate Day

Show  #174 is a Talking Like a Pirate Day with Allan Yn Y Fan, Kennedy’s Kitchen, Bourbon & Shamrocks, Empty Hats, Rambling Sailors, Trinity River Whalers, SlipJig, Bob Conroy, The Gothard Sisters, The Kreellers, Heather Dale, Callanach, Bill Grogan’s Goat, The Shanties. The Celtic … Continue reading

17 Free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick’s Day 2013

I play a lot of drinking songs, but I don’t spend a lot of time drinking. That’s because St. Patrick’s Day is not just about drinking. It’s about the music. Some of the best Celtic music explodes across the airwaves, … Continue reading

Playlist: Celtic Music for May

With the beauty of Spring in the air, I thought it was a good time to share some of my absolute favorite songs and tunes. This is just a SMALL sampling of some of my top-rated music in my iTunes … Continue reading

17 Free St. Patrick’s Day MP3s for 2012

I just downloaded a free app of Irish toasts from the Stout Pounders.  For some strange reason, I have the absolute worst memory when it comes to remembering toasts.  So I’m geeking out with this app. I can imagine it … Continue reading

5 Great Celtic CDs You Can Enjoy for St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is nearly here.  Every year, I compile two special episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.  I also offer a free CD of great indie Celtic music that you can download via the Celtic Music Magazine’s … Continue reading