Review: “If the Skies Be Ablaze” by Sligo Rags

Ingenuity and the ability to meld several genres into one musical masterpiece are what catapult Sligo Rags into the stratosphere of excellent acoustical acts. Amazing musicians in their own right, Michael Kelly, David Burns, Jonathan Baer, and Eli Marcus together, … Continue reading

Review: “Celtic Pink Floyd” by Celtic Pink Floyd

s If you are the diehard Pink Floyd fan who cannot see the music being changed one iota then this album is not for you.  That being said, for everyone else, Celtic Pink Floyd, the brainchild of Damon Stout and … Continue reading

This Week in Celtic Music

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast has a brand new episode.  This one features the Best Celtic Music of 2011 by your votes.  You’ll find music from The Crossing, The Flying Toads, Sligo Rags, Keith Hinchliffe, Maggie Drennon, Rising Gael, … Continue reading

Celtic Music Magazine: Best Indie Celtic Music Websites

The Home of Indie Celtic Music Online August 30, 2011 — 21,000+ subscribers HIGHLIGHTS… – What’s New? – Best Indie Celtic Music Websites – This Week in Celtic Music #107 – Attention Celtic Writers! – Celtic CD Reviews – Celtic … Continue reading