MP3: “Russian Roulette” by Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

Band: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead Download MP3: Russian Roulette Website:  Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead Hometown: Austin, Texas – U.S.A Similar Artists: The Mahones, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Dead Rabbits, Stiff little fingers, Pouges, Great Highland bagpipes The Celtic … Continue reading

MP3: “Going Back To Ireland” By The Bloody Irish Boys

The Bloody Irish Boys are best described as a drinking group with a music problem. The band was started by front man Shayne in 2003 and they are a hard drinking, working band still going strong today. They strive to … Continue reading

“Old Dirt Road” by Lexington Field

One of the greatest things about modern Celtic music is that it is constantly changing to appeal to new audiences.  San Diego natives, Lexington Field, mix Celtic rhythm, traditional violin, good old American electric guitar, and blend it with a … Continue reading