17 Free Celtic MP3 Downloads for St. Patrick’s Day 2014

The Luck o’the Irish is with you. Because today, you’re gonna get a whole bunch of free St. Patrick’s Day MP3s. This comes courtesy of Celtic Music Magazine, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and each of these incredible bands below … Continue reading

Victims of Irish Music Six Years Later

In 2007, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast released Victims of Irish Music, an album of seventeen incredible traditional Irish tunes by seventeen incredible indie Celtic music groups and artists.  The album is the most-popular released on Marc Gunn’s record … Continue reading

Playlist: Celtic Music for May

With the beauty of Spring in the air, I thought it was a good time to share some of my absolute favorite songs and tunes. This is just a SMALL sampling of some of my top-rated music in my iTunes … Continue reading

This Week in Celtic Music: Celtic Invasion of Galway, Leaving of Liverpool, Murder the Stout and More

It was a busy week in my Celtic music world with new podcasts, store updates, new music, a new video and news at last about the latest Celtic Invasion Vacation.  Let’s get started. Celtic Invasion of Galway, Ireland 2012 Since … Continue reading

Who Are the Most-Accessible Celtic Musicians?

  One of the great things about indie Celtic music that no one really talks about is the approachability of the Celtic artists.  If you go to pop rock show, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever meet the lead … Continue reading