“The Longest Night: A Winter Celebration” by John McGaha

“Melodic” would be one of the first words which spring to mind when you hear The Longest Night: A Winter Celebration by John McGaha.  Everything really flows.  There's a grace to the music that I don't often hear. It's like McGaha has a “secret sauce” – but the musical kind.

Can't really say I have favorites on the CD.  I thoroughly enjoyed each and every track here.  This album proves that simple music doesn't have to be boring.  It's not about flash, but the substance is solid and the heartfelt playing of instruments shines through it all.

The sound quality on the CD is worth mentioning as well as it is crisp and clear, adding to the impact of the songs.  It's a factor that is often overlooked, but when care is taken in production, it really does make a difference in the overall appeal of the work.

Tracks range from gentle to sprightly in nature, but the overall feel of this CD is relaxing.  I can see how someone would put it on and sit in front of the fire on a cold winter's night, or even put it on their MP3 player of choice and use it as a way to unwind before bedtime.  The music here could help coax me out of a bad mood, or help me relax after a crazy day.  See for yourself.

Artist: John McGaha
Album: The Longest Night: A Winter Celebration

Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma
Similar Artists: Eileen Ivers, Enya, Altan, Sting, Afrocelt Sound System

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