MP3: Death and taxes by Tiller’s Folly


(“Tiller’s Folly is a national treasure”. – Peter North, Edmonton Journal)

For more than a decade, Canada's “Tiller's Folly” has made some of the most listenable and intelligent, Country/Folk/Celtic/Americana music to be heard; always with a splash of humor and unusually polished instrumental prowess to accent Bruce Coughlan's prolific songwriting. Their new album “Go the Road”, takes this already high standard to new heights.  The essential  trio of Bruce Coughlin, Laurence Knight, and Nolan Murray are augmented in Nashville, Edinburg and Los Angeles by A-list studio players like John Cowan (the Doobie Brothers) Sam Bush , Phil Cunningham, Wendy Waldman and other luminaries. There is no filler on this album; every song stands on its own.


Band: Tiller’s Folly

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Website: Tiller's Folly

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

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