Painting of Robert Burns

Artist:  Alexander Nasmyth (1787)

Here we are with a brand new year and Celtic Music Magazine is about to set sail for Scotland.

January 25th, (1759-1796),  is the poet Robert Burns' birthday.  Burns is Scotland's very own Bard and national poet.  Burns did beat out William Wallace in popularity!    Burns Night is celebrated anywhere in the world where there is a Scottish person breathing.  Interesting food, lots of whiskey, readings and music by Burns, make the night.

Celtic Connections,  is held in Glasgow  from January 17, 2013  until February 3, 2013. Musicians come from five continents for the winter festivalIt did start in 1994, lasts for 18 days, and covers over 300 concerts.  What a great way to celebrate Burns Night, as it occurs right in the middle of the festival.

Not to forget that the Celtic Invasion Vacations is going to Scotland in June and it is time to start preparations.  As it is the beginning of a new year, it may also be time to renew your subscription to Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, and Song Henge.

We have many reviews and new music to introduce you to.  Scotland we are on our way!

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